The conference was initiated by Yuko Matsuoka Harris, Japanese translator and publisher of the Harry Potter series, and convened by the Organizing Committee composed of her and two other Harry Potter translators, Gili Bar-Hillel of Israel and Torstein Bugge-Høverstad of Norway. Harry Potter translators of more than 20 different languages will participate in this conference together with experts on the socio-cultural, linguistic and educational aspects of this phenomenon. These translators will share their personal and professional experiences, which have never been discussed before.

The series of 7 Harry Potter’s books has achieved a historic record of more than 400 million copies sold world-wide and it has kindled enthusiasm and joy of reading in the mind of children as well as of adults. But what is often ignored is the contribution of translators. By virtue of creative translation into many mother tongues, this wonderful story charmed children as well as adults and introduced them into the magical world of Harry Potter. Through the truly creative work of translators and their understanding of cultural and linguistic intricacies, the story of Harry Potter has been spread and appreciated by readers, especially young adults, all over the world.

The Organizing Committee and the Secretariat, Art Sanjo have prepared this conference with enthusiasm to make it a magical experience for the participants as well as for all those who are interested in enhancing literacy and cross cultural understanding. The conference is held under the patronage of UNESCO and Education International both of which, in their dedication to human development, have recognized the importance of this conference.

An exhibition of Harry Potter books, in different languages and jacket designs, signed by the different translators and/or illustrators. It will also be a unique opportunity to appreciate the cultural and linguistic diversity of the series. You are invited to view more than 30 different language versions of the series.

The Conference programme