FIT har besluttet å utsette verdenskongressen som skulle avholdes på Cuba i desember i år med ett år. Ny dato for kongressen vil bli kunngjort i løpet av mai. NO kommer tilbake om reisestøtte til Cuba i 2021 på et senere tidspunkt.

Les hele uttalelsen fra FITs president Kevin Quirk her:

FIT and ACTI postpone the XXII FIT World Congress in Varadero, Cuba for one year

Given the global spread of the coronavirus and the uncertainty of when the world may return to normal, FIT Council has, in close collaboration with the host organisation, the Association of Cuban Translators and Interpreters (ACTI), resolved to postpone for a period of one year the XXII FIT World Congress that was due to be held in Varadero, Cuba on 3–5 December 2020.

In our opinion, the FIT World Congress and the FIT Statutory Congress, which was scheduled to be held on 1–2 December 2020, are inextricably linked. Common to both these events is that they bring together from all parts of the world translators, terminologists and interpreters so that they may network, share examples of best practice and celebrate our professions, all in an environment that showcases the warmth and hospitality of the Cuban people. We do not believe it would be possible to achieve this in a virtual setting and for this reason we have preferred to postpone both events and hope for better times.

FIT Council has invoked Article 23 of the FIT Bylaws, which allows FIT Council, in force majeure situations, to postpone the Statutory Congress for a period of up to one year.

While the venue will remain the same, the exact dates of the rescheduled congresses will be announced next month. Once we know them, we will issue information about new deadlines (for registration, submission of papers, nominations for awards etc.).

We should not forget that FIT is a global organisation with members in all parts of the world. The COVID-19 virus will likely affect different parts of the world at different times, and it is only fair that we consider those who may not yet have experienced the ravagings of this pandemic.

FIT and ACTI stand together in wishing to reschedule and in wishing you welcome to Varadero, Cuba when the world is a safer place and we can all celebrate together!

Thank you for your understanding!