FIT Congress 2020 — Call for papers

Fristen for å sende inn bidrag er satt til 30. april 2020.

The International Federation of Translators (FIT) and the Asociación Cubana de Traductores e Intérpretes (ACTI), as the hosting organisation, are pleased to announce the XXII FIT World Congress, to be held from 3 to 5 December 2020, in Varadero, Cuba. All language professionals are welcome to join us for the first FIT World Congress ever to be held in Latin America.

The work language professionals do is not always valued enough. However, our work makes it possible to enjoy world literature and the fruits of scientific and technological progress, assist those affected by conflict or natural disasters, and access different cultures. Understanding among nations and the pursuit of peace would be at risk without the contributions of language professionals.

Translation, terminology and interpretation support the human rights and fundamental freedoms that are crucial for sustainable development, inclusive governance, peace and social equity. They are vital to creating a viable and desirable future. Translators, terminologists, interpreters and other language professionals are invited to dialogue on the broad theme A World without Barriers: The Role of Language Professionals in Building Culture, Understanding and Peace.
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Call for Papers: Translating in global chaos (Istanbul, 13.-14. april 2017)

The Role of Translation in the Currents of Migration as the Medium of Intercultural and International Communication

The conference, co-organized by Istanbul Aydın University and Istanbul University, will take place in 13-14 April 2017. All translation scholars, academics, researchers, translators, interpreters, students and other interested parties are welcome to attend the event and contribute their studies. Les mer

XXI FIT World Congress: Congress Registration has opened!

Join us in Brisbane for the XXI FIT World Congress. Keep up to date with the swings and roundabouts of Disruption and Diversification. Meet a diverse, international audience of language practitioners, service providers, key thinkers, industry advocates and decision makers, for three days of immersion in the field of translating, terminology and interpreting, cutting edge research, workshops, discussion and networking opportunities.

The 2017 Congress will highlight the impact of technology, globalisation, policy, and economic change on the delivery of language services; with dedicated streams for localisation, social media translation trends, globalisation, technology, and creativity. Specific streams for indigenous and sign languages, interpreting in the community and conflict zones, and literary translation will also feature.

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FIT Congress 2017 – Call for papers

Fristen for å sende inn sammendrag til FITs verdenskongress i Brisbane i 2017 er forlenget til 30. november 2016. Oppdatert utlysning:

The theme of the XXI FIT Congress is Disruption and Diversification.

The emphasis of the FIT Congress 2017 will be on issues relating to disruption and diversification in all the fields of translation and interpreting.  The 2017 Congress will highlight the impacts of technology, globalisation, policy and economic change on the delivery of language services, with specific streams for indigenous and sign languages, interpreting in conflict zones, community interpreting and translation, and literary translation.  Presenting at the FIT Congress 2017 offers a valuable opportunity to meet members of the Translation and Interpreting professionals, academics, service providers and other stakeholders. Les mer

Oversetterkonferanse i Stockholm

Mandag 23. til onsdag 25. mai 2016 arrangerer det svenske kulturrådet en konferanse for oversettere fra svensk til andre språk. Programmet vil inneholde workshops, foredrag, forfatterpresentasjoner og andre oversetterrelaterte aktiviteter. Konferansen vil finne sted på Långholmen i Stockholm og vil særlig omhandle skjønnlitterær oversettelse.

Kulturrådet vil gi deltakerne støtte til reisen og dekke kost og losji. Antall plasser er begrenset, og søkere som kan vise til minst en publisert oversettelse vil bli prioritert. Man vil også etterstrebe en spredning i språkområder.

Søknadsfrist: 25. februar 2016. Les mer om konferansen HER.

Call for Papers: Small is Great. Cultural Transfer through Translating the Literatures

International Conference at the Eötvös Loránd University Budapest (ELTE), 10-11 March 2016

The Department of Dutch Studies and the Department of Scandinavian Studies at Eötvös, Loránd University (ELTE), together with the Centre for Reception Studies (CERES) of the KU Leuven, are organising the conference Small is Great. Cultural Transfer through Translating the Literatures of Smaller European Nations’ in Budapest on 10-11 March 2016. The Conference addresses questions of cultural transfer related to the translation and reception of literatures of smaller European nations, written in less well-known languages.

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«Translating Europe» Forum – Call for proposals to display posters and projects at the Forum

Theme of the 2015 Forum: Young people and the Translation Profession. This year, the ‘Translating Europe’ Forum will be held on 29-30 October in Brussels. The focus will be on young people – the future generation of translators. The event will cover topics such as:

  •  How to give translation students the skills that will help them find work?
  •  How to attract the best students to the dynamic and innovative translation industry?
  •  How should future translators prepare themselves for the job market?
  •  What can translation companies and university programmes do to attract talented students to the profession?

The ‘Translating Europe’ Forum is a yearly event organised by the Directorate-General for Translation of the European Commission. It brings together translation stakeholders to discuss topics of common interest, such as skills, employability, professionalization, quality, tools, and to promote cooperation between stakeholders. Its aim is to increase the visibility of the profession and to stimulate dialogue and projects of common interest.

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FIT-konferansen 2014

Konferansen avholdes i Berlin mellom 3. og 6. august. Les mer  HER

«Early bird registration»  er blitt forlenget til 20. mai.  Det foreløpige programmet kan leses : HER

FIT XXth World Congress

Call for Papers – deadline extended until 31 August 2013. Please submit your proposals for presentations, workshops and panel discussions for the FIT World Congress until 31 August 2013. Les mer

FIT-konferansen 2014

What can you expect from the FIT World Congress?
The FIT World Congress is an international conference which brings together all those involved in the language sector: translators, interpreters and terminologists, students and teachers, newcomers and experienced professionals, product and service providers – all those for whom professional language services are a must.
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